Today is Labor Day in the United States and possibly in Canada. Fun fact: The reason we in North America have Labor Day in September instead of May 1, like many other countries around the world, is because President Cleveland didn't want people memorializing the Haymarket Massacre every year.

BlueAlaskan reminded us that Labor Day isn't just for barbecues, mattress sales and putting away your white pants and shoes for the winter, but to honor the workers who toil every day to keep the US and the world going. Solidarity!

Rebecca "Burt" did remember to barbecue. In other food news, HeartRateRapid betrayed Texas by adding beans to meat. Will we ever be able to forgive her? (No.)

In other holiday news, FreeSampleThief looks ahead to Christmas and wish lists.

In lady news, Medusa Asudem puts green stuff on her face, Cumberbuttcheeks (and everyone else) wants to blow her wad on a Burberry coat, and Lady Rainicorn contemplates fancy underpants.

General adulting was also popular today on Groupthink. Seize did it right, Wax-Tadpole had a little trouble with it (because GT is too awesome), and Groupthink was also credited by self-proclaimed crone LeftoverHill for keeping her in touch with the less adult point-of-view.

In more serious news, Medusa Asudem discusses her powerful feelings about rapists and what they deserve, BagelAndLocksley dealt with a local crime and her racist neighbors reaction to it by asking for gifs, and NinjaCate continues to contemplate racism.

On a lighter note, cats (surprise, surprise!) were all over GT, as were other animals. JinxieJade had questions about what cat to get, Kirov got a weird email about the cat she found in the street, ScienceGal embarrassed her dog with a terrible home haircut, and Chritter imagined a Jurassic Park-like world repopulated with passenger pigeons.

And in entertainment news: Cumberbatch, Cumberbatch, Blurred Lines, Blurred Lines, Lena Dunham, Skyler White.

Public service announcement: Boston Meetup.


(Sorry the Dump's so late guys!)