I keep wanting to start a semi-regular post that is super duper superficial in which I visit a clothing website and pick out the 5 (or so) most hideous pieces of clothing - just for fun! And then ask others to do the same. Anyone wanna play?The only rule is that you have to pull them from the “new arrivals” section. If the website doesn’t have one of those, then just don’t choose from the clearance section (bc that is too easy). 

Today I am picking pics of clothes from the eShakti website. These are truly hideous (apologies if you like any of them!). I chose way more than 5 because their new arrivals section went on for days!

This dress is just sad - and the styling just doesn’t help. Black nylons? And those shoes are hideous with the dress. Like if it had been styled with some black Doc marten boots for a full on 90s thing, I might be more into it.

This dress just takes asymmetric hem to a whole new horrible level - and it’s like 2 dresses - prim top and dramatic bottom. Just no.

I had a hard time choosing just one cold shoulder dress - but this one takes the cake.

Technically, I don’t hate this dress - but the placement of the belt is just bizarre.

Chambray one-armed ball gown? Just no.

I do not understand these backwards men’s shirts dresses.


If I wore this dress, every time I ate food would drop right into that hole.