Hiya~ I know I’ve been absent lately, not that anyone might notice, but in case you did here is my why :) First was worky times. Then, holiday times.

After a little bit of discussion back then, Me & Mr. 4th gave each other a Holiday for Christmas. We were still so “new” then & had been through a lot in the moment, while we were new. Serious family things at the time & present in both of our lives today. That shit is not going away anytime soon & we both know it. It’s comforting to us that we can share what it is & isn’t. Because “isn’t” is as real “is.”

Okay, okay! Sooooo much fun! We brought a dawg each with us to the house~Fargin’ Iceholes, the lot of us.

Yesh, yesh. Some peektures will “Poof” in about 2 hours...(eta: poofed)