This post is mostly an excuse to show off this card. I'm going to need some of these this holiday season because exGod and Sokka's birthdays are like 4 days apart (which makes sense considering their personalities....which means I have a type...which is weird).

I went to exGod's party last night and it was pleasant and non-drama filled. This weekend I'm going to Sokka's bday shindig, where I will meet his current girlfriend

and then I will jaunt off to Hera's BD/sM party where I will be surrounded by all and open bar and sorts of rope bondage that neither I nor exGod will partake in with each other because we made a pact not to because it brings up too many feelings because we are no longer Dom/sub

BUT while normally I would be all:

This time I've decided to be empowered and not try to feel like a victim of circumstance and stuff. No one is forcing me to be friends with these people. They rejected me and it sucks and I'm hurt, but if I'm over it enough to be friends with them I need to start acting like it and not letting things affect me so much. This is I choice I made, so I choose to go to these things and have fun and celebrate their happiness and suck it up and not be a party pooper. If something makes me sad I'll leave. I will be polite and as normal as possible around Sokka's girlfriend, I will drink all the booze at Hera's party, and I will have A FUCKING GOOD TIME, DAMMIT!


So in conclusion, while in normal life


Leads to this:

Leads to me going on GT for this:

and this:

Instead I will spend my night like this:

And this:

But I will probably still need to go on GT for this: