I am so incredibly overwhelmed and grateful at all of your support. For those who missed it (WHICH SEEMS TO BE ALMOST NO ONE) my ex found my GT account and I freaked out.

I'm totally internet-speechless right now.

With all of my heart, thank you to all of you brilliant, compassionate people who commented and emailed me with advice and sympathy and threats of violence (lol) and whateverthefuck got posted in the last hour or two when I had to leave my computer. I had to leave and deal with a TV return and now have to set up and install it, but I am going to come back and read/respond to any comments that I missed!


And thank you to all of you lurkers, who I'm sure there are many, who didn't comment but read the post and sent me good luck and/or sympathy vibes. :)

The reaction to that post is a bigger example than I could ever have imagined of why I am not ever giving up GT. I have some suggestions from people on how to handle this, but I won't be leaving, and I won't be giving up my handle just yet! (But I may do other things to be more invisible to a non-GTer!) I was more upset at the thought of losing GT than I was during that breakup, which really hit home to me how much my "imaginary friends that live inside a magic box"* mean to me. You are all so wonderful and get +100 internet karma for this!!!

*Citation: ScavengersDaughter!