I just came within inches of hitting a dog on my way back from DQ! It was less than a block from my place and this fairly large yellow lab comes running full speed at an angle from my left, we were on a collision course. I slammed the breaks and he proceeds to sniff my front bumper. Then he was off to go piss on a tree. I pulled forward 20 feet and parked in front of my house and got out trying starting to get the dogs attention.

This dog was spazzed out! Running everywhere, sniffing everything, obviously aware of me but not interested in an interaction, seriously one of the most manic dogs I've ever seen. No collar. I'm still trying to get the dogs attention when I hear a super faint whistle and the dog perks up and runs down the middle of the street, full speed ahead. I'll assume he made it home ok, but damn was disaster super close.