This was actually the best Christmas at my in-laws in eight years! Maybe it’s because we didn’t talk politics, barely talked religion, I really didn’t talk at all! I only got interrogated about having another kid one time! Y’ALL. That’s huge.

Here’s my favorite moment: It was the second to last day of our trip. I had been helping my MIL do dishes all week long. I usually would start doing them as soon as I finished eating so she could spend some time with my kid and husband, and then she would come in and clean up the last bit/put leftovers away. Now, my FIL is super old school and doesn’t do ANYTHING for himself. My MIL waits on him hand and foot (on top of having a full-time job; he is retired). Every night, as long as I’ve known him, he finishes his dinner and puts the plate with all his uneaten food on it next to the sink. Doesn’t scrape it into the trashcan or anything. It drives me crazy. The fucking trashcan is on the way to the sink. Anyway, I guess he didn’t notice that I’d been doing dishes all week long. So this night, second to last night we were there after being there for a week, he came in with his dessert plate and saw me doing dishes and says this: “Thank you for helping out with the dishes! I always scrape and rinse my plate off before I put my dish in the sink. It drives [MIL] crazy! [MIL’s name] gets mad at me and asks why we even have a dishwasher and I tell her, ‘To finish the job that I start.’”


I really really really regret not calling him out on it. I was so utterly shocked that I couldn’t even think, I guess. I’ll never not call him out on anything again.

I’m very happy to be home.