Because apparently, with both, everyone thinks they are an expert and feel the need to give you unsolicited advice.

A friend of mine is pregnant, and was really bitching about this. It’s SO common, yet people keep doing it. And I recently talked to some people about adopting a rescue dog, and I’m getting fed up with people’s opinions about it. I’ve asked around a bit solely because I don’t know this area as well, so I wanted to know people’s experiences with shelters/rescues they’ve adopted from. I’ve had rescues before, and done a lot of work with shelters and rescues in the past (included paid work at a shelter). I know what I’m getting into here. But everyone who has ANY experience with a rescue dog or volunteered at a shelter or owned a pet ever thinks that they need to tell you EXACTLY what sort or dog you should or should not get, or what sort of place you should get them from.

I don’t want your advice, people! But there’s no way to put them off, especially when you don’t want to argue with people or getting into a pissing match about who has the most expertise.