Apparently with OK Cupid, when it rains, it pours. After not dating for close to 5 years, I've found myself going on dates with three different dudes over the last month. Is this normal for dating?

This week I'm seeing three guys-one on Wednesday, then Saturday, then Sunday. I'm kind of introverted most of the time so all this "getting to know" three new people is making me anxious.

For those who have experience with dating, how many guys is too many to be dating at once? I'm thinking of breaking it off with the one guy I've been seeing the most because I just don't think we're super compatible so maybe that'll give me some breathing room.

I've also discovered that if dudes want to date you, they don't play around with asking. The three I've been seeing are Gung Ho as fuck about hanging out. This no-games version of dating is awesome but kind of overwhelming. I'm not used to guys not being really really stupid and immature.


Anyway, for fun, here are some messages from *The Winner's Circle!* aka filtered out messages from guys I matched less than 75% with: