Kia ora my lovelies


I need some advice on how to GT. I used to be on here like 6 hours a day - you all gave me sanity and company when I was home with babies. I knew almost every regular commenter and understood all the in jokes etc. But then I went back to work and just because of a lack of time, I feel like I’ve lost touch a bit. Meanwhile the GT culture seems to have changed and I missed the transition.

There used to about maybe 50% discussion posts and 50% blog-style posts - the kind that used to ocasionally get shared to the main page and were in a main-page sort of style. Now I think it is almost all discussion posts or links to external articles. I personally kept doing about 50/50 for long after the GT culture had moved on. And someone told me - very kindly and in a helpful way - that maybe the blog style posts aren’t really good fit here anymore.


So - was that an isolated view? I’ve kept writing blog style stuff but haven’t been putting it on GT. And I could just put links to my blog up when I do one and just say - if you’re interested look at this. But I fear that that would seem like I’m putting up an ad for myself. At the same time, there were still a lot of GT peeps who did say they liked reading my stuff and I really liked (most of) the discussions we would have in the comments so...

It’s also possible that I’m just over-thinking and being over-sensitive and should just carry on as I always did and recognise that some things I write will be well-received and some will be duds.

I am quite thin-skinned and hate conflict. But I don’t want that to scare me off putting things out into the world - and I guess I’m looking for some guidance on how or whether I can do that here without coming into conflict.