So, for reasons that are probably culturally-ingrained, I am terrified of being thought of as/called a nag. This isn’t entirely a well-founded fear because Bonernator has never and would not even dream of saying that I nag.

But for some reason, ever since he and I moved in together, I’m freaked out by asking him to do small household tasks because I don’t want to come across as naggy. I’m a confident and brassy woman most of the time, but for some reason, I just hear myself say “um, er, meep, can you, uh, maybe take out the overflowing garbage since I’m washing all these dishes NO RUSH THANKS!” He always does, happily, but I still agonize over it.

Take today, for example. He had today off work. I did not. He was so excited and telling me all these things he was going to do with the free day. Read, video games, exercise, cook a surprise dinner for me, “and I’m gonna get so much cleaning done! This place will be TRANSFORMED!”


Cool! Maybe he’ll fold the 3 overflowing baskets of clean clothes that are mostly his! But I did not communicate this like a big girl. I just secretly hoped that he would do it. You might see where this is going.

I just came home 15 minutes ago. The apartment is a goddamn mess. Transformed, even. Laundry untouched. Kitchen unchanged from breakfast.

And that surprise dinner? Beef stew that, from reading the recipe, will take 4 hours to cook. It’s past 6 PM and he has yet to return from the grocery store.

I know the answer is “suck it up and communicate, dummy.” And I will. This is just to vent. Thanks, GT. :)