Here's a gift from your friendly, neighborhood ExMormon apostate...the Temple Endowment Ceremony in full!

Yes, it's over an hour long (and when attended live you have to spend that hour in person, wearing hot clothes in a building where the thermostat is mainly set by old people).

I'm curious to know what kind of super secret camera this dude used to film this. I'm also impressed that whoever this is manages to keep up the good Mormon facade (along with paying tithing) well enough to keep a Temple recommend while clearly not being a believer (a believer would never, ever, dare to film and share this video).


Personally, I'm a "son (er....daughter?) of perdition" so I'm already fucked. I didn't live up to all my temple covenants so I'm in Satan's power (one of the best parts of the cheesy movie that features in the temple ceremony is when Satan utters that line).

Anyhow, YES. I did all this. It was a big contributor to my eventual exit from the church actually, because it did NOT feel like a holy, wonderful experience to me even though I had been taught it was the SPECIALIST MORE SPIRITUAL THING EVAR. It put my cognitive dissonance into overload. I'm happy to answer questions if anybody has them.


By the way, my "temple name" was Deborah. Telling you that is another big I'm-not-allowed-to-go-to-any-level-of-heaven no-no. In fact, murderers will go to the lowest level of heaven but I get cast into outer darkness to hang out with Lucifer for eternity. WOOOO! PARTY WITH THE FATHER OF LIES!