ugh, the fact that it's buzzfeed aside, this campaign is fucking dumb. I hate Jezebel's obsession with air-brushing. I honestly see any kind of marketing as bordering on fantasy/science fiction in the sense that no one really looks like that, so it's obviously some kind of bending or distorting of reality. So I take ad campaigns with a grain of salt and then I enjoy the sh*t out of the idea that any woman could look as cool and gorgeous and fantastical if she were afforded the opportunity to. Then i get pissed about the fact that most women are not given that opportunity, creating the illusion that these women are chosen based off of their IRL "beauty superiority". That's the myth, the man, the legend, so to speak. That's what makes me mad. not photoshopping in general. I want to see all women everywhere get the same star treatment.

And so here comes Aerie, that fucking stupid american eagle impression of victoria's secret, claiming to be using "real women" who are 1000 feet tall, enhanced IRL with a ton of makeup, and who have their boobs pushed to their chins and we're supposed to be like, "WELL DONE."?? Wtf, no way. I'm not buying into it. Not until they ask these ladies to show up and do their own makeup and hair and use their friends iPhone to take the pictures will we even come close to some accurate depiction of a "real-life woman". And not until they start using models who are above the dreaded size 6 THIS SHIT IS SO FUCKING ANNOYING I CAN'T. I can't today, you guys. I can't with the world and media and it's pathetic attempt at self-reflection and humanity.


Just show me a picture of the goddamn bra if you want to cut out this whole "eating disorder-inducing self-loathing endorsing" thing because you're still fucking failing and you're now patting yourself on the back for making me feel like shit about my stupid chest-level boobs by implying that these images of women with the super whitened teeth and the chin-level boobs are ACTUAL SIZE. ACTUAL WOMEN. FUCK U A BRA COMPANY DOES NOT DETERMINE WHAT AN ACTUAL WOMAN IS. Fuck you fuck you fuck you AERIE. Also like, gets some fucking consonants in your stupid name you dicks, who are you Tolkien? Why so obsessed with vowels? CAN I RETURN A VOWEL, PLEASE?? FUUUUUUUUUUUCK YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU