We used to camp years ago, but I am too old for packing all my shit into a backpack and back country camping. It just takes too much planning. We tried car camping, but we either had to board our dogs or take them camping (they hated it). We got rid of all our fancy light weight camping gear when we downsized a few years ago.

I decided today that I felt like camping

We have no dog and nothing holding us back. Thanks to the magic of Amazon I will have a new tent and an air mattress (nice upgrade for an old lady who can no longer sleep on the ground) with a rechargeable pump on Thursday. Wish me luck!


I found a place with secluded primitive camp sites with parking spots (no pack packing into the campsite). This is an ongoing effort to not let work drive me insane and to fully enjoy my weekends. I am either a genius or an idiot.