Because her really amazing piece on Beyoncé and bell hooks didn't get MPed, and the thing where I basically barfed up my feelings about childhood TV shows did.

So this is me apologizing publicly, because everyone should go read her awesome and amazing thing, especially since my mainpaging feels a lot like what she's been talking about all along.

I'm really sorry guys. I feel like I fucked up on this one, and I didn't mean to.


ETA: I'm adding what I said to SugarHill below, just to make this a little clearer I guess.

When I woke up this AM I realized I hadn't really inspected my own motivations for wanting to write it, and there's a lot that I ended up cutting from the much longer first draft that I wish I'd left in, as well as a lot of stuff I just didn't cover. I worry that I might have been breaking the cardinal sin of allyship and speaking for someone instead of boosting their voice, and that makes me angry at myself.

I guess that's why I wanted to put this out there publicly, because I'm hoping somebody learns from it or something. I know I am.

Second ETA: Ubertrout brought up serveral good points and I want to make sure that people understand this is not an indictment of Rebecca or the mainpage, this is actually me feeling like I was talking over a woman of color and how that wasn't what I wanted to do, ever.