Although there's are some great doctors, it seems that there are so many that have a major condescending attitude. And not just in the context of seeing them as a patient, as I'm seeing that attitude in a lot of friends that are doctors. It's really frustrating to see how they are with me (whenever we discuss anything medical-related, which is what they talk about most of the time) and wonder what they are like with their patients.. They seemed to form these very rigid opinions, and insist that they are always right. The get very condescending and defensive if I bring up evidence that does not fit with their opinions. And some of their opinions sound...kind of wrong to me (ie, you are not healthy unless your BMI is under 23, and it is better to be underweight than overweight. All obstetric interventions are based on the best evidence for saving mothers and infants, and have nothing to do with convenience for the doctors. The methods used on Biggest Loser are the best way to lose weight. Any pregnant woman who drinks even a sip of alcohol during pregnancy are bad mothers that are going to give their babies FAS). Some of them are very good and old friends... but I feel that they have lost some of their empathy as well as their critical thinking skills.

And I wonder where this comes from, and how it plays out in affecting medicine. Are doctors' enculturated in med school to be dogmatic and condescending? Or is it a form of self-selection, in which people go into medicine are seeking a form of power and authority over others? What are he consequences for their patients?