So, anyways, I'm on a e-mail chain. This chain is, as of last week, more than 900 emails long with at least a dozen participants, most of whom are friends from college and former fraternity members. It is dedicated to the minutest details of a mediocre NHL team, such as which minor leaguers would be good additions to the team's fourth line next year, the latest statistical research on defensive zone transition and what tight-checking forwards might be Unrestricted Free Agents this off-season.

One person, the person who sends by far the most emails in this chain, has decided that in order to make people look forward to his emails, he would include a gif of that girl from True Detective taking off her shirt in his email signature. So now, because I spend a lot of time reading this thread, I have seen this girl take her shirt off...a million times? A billion? I see it sometimes when I close my eyes at night. I'm having weird boob dreams. I mean, I know I could turn gifs off and everything but it doesn't offend me or anything it's just...present.

Anyways, the reaction to the addition seems to be largely positive. I find myself wondering how Lesbians and Straight Guys get anything done in a day.