I had an accusatory/passive-aggressive message from my boss waiting for me when I got to work this morning: "This customer isn't happy, we missed some information in the free ad we gave them." I forwarded the approval email and said, if they're not happy with it, it's news to me. They said nothing when I sent the proof over for approval. He responds, "I'm just passing along the message." Sure you are, boss. Sure you are. I sent him another note, "I handled the free ad just like any other ad; if they are upset, that tells me they didn't pay attention before signing off." Nothing back from the boss. Does he focus on the part where they want us to create MORE ads for them to run? Nope. Just the part where he's so sure I fucked up.

It's not like this is the first incident. This is one of many, many stories, including how he treated me like shit from the get-go because his previous hire was such a spectacular failure. Am I just charmed in never having had a boss that makes me feel like such shit, or am I just really at the wrong place? I have heard so many horror stories, and I know it could be so much worse, but it's absolutely ridiculous how he treats us.

Coworker wants to order lunch and sends out a PM to a few of us so we can order together. I PM my lunch order back. She says, "Are we going to do this?? I'd REALLY like to get this lunch order taken care of." I say nothing, because she does this all the time. READ THE FUCKING PM. YOU KNOW, THE ONE YOU SENT US.


Real tired of being treated like an idiot, real tired of being treated like I'm NOT doing my job, and real tired of having to pretend I'm stupider than I am.