I just tried cold brewing coffee for the 1st time.

So the first problem I had, is we aren't coffee drinkers. But we found that coffee in the back from that last holiday we hosted a few years ago.

Yeah yeah we should of just tossed it out. But that felt wasteful. So we decided to try it first before we did that. It is now in the trash, we will be trying to buy more coffee eventually.

Mixed 4tbsp ground coffee with about 2 cups water in a pint mason jar. Shook it every once and a while for about 6 hours. Then used a funnel and coffee filter to strain it into another mason jar. Then I left it in the fridge an extra day because I am weird about drinking coffee.


Usually do not do it, get my caffeine fix from a diet soda(don't judge me! I like it).

Pulled it out today and said today was the day I finally try it! Milks expired so thiefboo hopped off to the store and bought some new milk. So 2 tbsp of sugar a cup of milk and about a cup of that brew.

It's not horrible but I can definitely say the coffee does taste stale, at least I think it does. It's not bad. Consider we don't do coffee and this will be a once in awhile thing.

Any coffee suggestions (brands and stuff) and storage ideas? For the beginning coffee-er. Sticking to the cold brewing, it's supposed to be less bitter or something. Also I can set it and forget it. :P