Why hasn't anyone told me that Animal Planet's show Too Cute is streaming on Netflix? This is by far my go-to show for smiles and squeals and happy feelings.If there is any testament to modern American culture's adoration of dogs and cats, look no further than this show.

It is literally a show about cats and dogs growing up. Some are being trained for show or something special, some are just cute animals doing cute things.Sometimes there are moments of tension like a bath or playtime gone wrong, but nothing gets really bad. Mind you, I've only seen the first two half-hour segments on dogs and cats separately, so I do not profess myself to be an expert on the content. I look forward to watching more episodes because there is just nothing better than watching cute animals for 30 minutes, and hour, a whole day if there is the time.


The only thing hard to understand about this show is why nobody has come up with the idea earlier! There are literally hundreds of videos on youtube and the like with cute animal moments. This show is pretty much those clips prolonged for half an hour, with narration, and with a much higher budget.In essence, it is exploiting our current obsession with seeing cute animals, but this is by far the cutest way that television has exploited out deep visceral needs.I watch this show feeling like they are pandering to my love of animals, but then I hear a newborn puppy or cat make a squeaking noise and my critical mind just shuts down and I enjoy it. Is there anything wrong with that, though? The puppies seem well cared-for and happy, but with the tricks of camera editing, there could be loads of horrible things going on that I simply do not want to investigate. I just want to enjoy my puppies and kittens.