So, my house is still a wreck (squalor rating: heavy maternal sigh) but I am still proud of myself for being brave and doing things out of my comfort zone today.

1) I got a tip quite a while ago that the guy who runs (owns maybe? idk) a local bookstore plays hammered dulcimer and could give lessons. This is a hammered dulcimer:

Mine is not that big, but you get the idea.

But I've been sitting on this knowledge because walking into a bookstore and asking a complete stranger if they know where I can find Mr. Dulcimer Guy and then asking Mr. Dulcimer Guy about lessons and what-not is really scary. It just is, OK?

I have no difficulty talking to people and being all friendly-like when I know I'm just a customer, but asking for lessons is a whole different thing, especially when I have a suspicion that Mr. Dulcimer Guy is the cute, age-appropriate, single guy I often see there. Which, as it turns out, he is. And he's really nice. And cute. And I am scheduled for a lesson tomorrow evening. And he's exactly the perfect amount of awkward that I find highly attractive. And his interaction with me was rather different than his interaction with the older lady who he was helping while I was waiting to speak with him, and who obviously shops there a lot. I clearly made him nervous. Yay, two awkward, nervous people making music together tomorrow!

2) I then went to get dinner. INSIDE a restaurant. BY MYSELF. Bravery points earned: INFINITY. For my next trick, I will attempt to go to a movie by myself.

I will now find an outfit for tomorrow that will make me look both stunning and yet be completely convincing as what I just threw on. Yeah. I'm gonna be THAT girl.

Do I look absolutely divine and regal, and yet and at the same time very pretty and rather accessible?