I have just returned from reading the comments on this io9 article about the fun video from Not Literally about crazy ships.

Behold said video. (Link, because I'm a big ol' doofus who can't figger out embedding a video in the new editor. Poo.)


I just..... get over it. It's fandom jargon. It serves a purpose. DEAL. I understand having a distaste for a particular slang word (I have serious reservations about putting "izzle" in the middle of everything) but OH MY DOG JUST STOP IT. If you don't like it, don't use it. And, in this particular case, if you can get away with NOT using it then you're probably not part of that particular fandom, so just let them have their own words, please. Do I come over to baseball and tell them they shouldn't use the word "bunt" because it makes me think of cake and is stupid?

So, in conclusion: jargon for fandoms that you don't participate in?

See how I used three different rabid fandoms there? Yeah. They can all use their own words and it's cool.


Now, who wants to talk about how Danaerys should TOTALLY get together with Aragorn?