I’m working on a project for my in-laws. It’s my first big cross-stitch project and it has the pattern printed on the aida, which is cool and helpful for a beginner (me). But the instructions didn’t saw how many strands to thread needle with, so I just went with two because I thought that was generally considered basic? But after I worked some, I think I should have used more. Pictures below. Should I rip it out and start over? If so, how??? Or should I just finish it the way I’m doing it?

Here’s how it should look when completed:

Here’s how mine looks now *close-up of top left corner*:

(Yes, apparently this pattern did come from somewhere in Asia, which I did not know when I bought it)


I feel like there’s too much white showing between the stitches. Am I wrong? Do I need to restart it using more strands? Or will it all come together the more I work on it? I don’t want to go any further only to have to restart.