Over the past couple of months, I've been decorating ManBerry's front door. A couple weeks before Thanksgiving, I decorated his front door with hand turkeys.

Just before Christmas, it was snow flakes.

Now, I'm looking for ideas for February. I'm not going to do Valentines Day, because that is entirely too predictable, and I figure he knows I'm going to decorate his door again soon. I can't do it in something predictable!


I was going to do something for Groundhog's day, but I just couldn't get my plan to come together before then. I was tempted to do something for President's Day, like silhouettes of Washington and Lincoln's head, but when I was teasing him about doing stuff to his door, I mentioned that, so it might be out....but I'm also pretty sure he doesn't remember it.

Anybody else have any other ideas? I'm thinking maybe something to do with the Olympics, but I'm not quite sure what. Maybe just make some medals and see if I can figure out a way to make the rings.

If you have any good ideas for any of the other months, please share! Like for May, I'm thinking tulips. July can be beach balls. I don't know if I'll decorate his door every month, but I want try and come close.


ETA: I have limited artistic skills, as can be seen in these pictures and so arts and crafts that hit the elementary school level are my style. I like ideas that can be accomplished with construction paper, crayons, and scissors.