Edit: Thanks for talking me down everyone! You’re all probably right that it’s my past experience making me jumpy, that guy didn’t leave me alone for three years! Beijos xoxo


We just received what appears to be a stalker letter in the mail. Please tell me if (a) I’m over-reacting, (b) we should go to the police, or (c) if it’s worth breaking our lease over.

I just got a letter in the mail with no return address with what appears to be a Kwanzaa sticker where the return address should be. Holiday stickers actually feature heavily here. It was addressed to the apartment number, so I have to assume it was someone who doesn’t know our names. It also makes it ambiguous as to which of us this is directed at. The letter inside says “Happy New Year you are the best!” and the text is surrounded by three stickers, a snowman, a gift, and a reindeer. Banal, right? There’s no salutation and it’s unsigned.


I’m fucking terrified. Well, now the Xanax has kicked in, but just mere minutes ago I was completely shaken with terror, to the point where I started to feel pretty damn silly about feeling like I was going to get rape murdered in the near future. I’m over-reacting, right? My instinct was to drain the last of my savings, break my lease, and move away while driving the most circuitous route to my new place possible. Agoraphobia is looking more and more appealing, except now my home feels unsafe. A little over the top, I think.

I’ve had a stalker before, and I’d like to avoid another one at all costs. My last one was in high school. He thought I had telekinetic powers and sparkly eyes and that I had to practice my powers by trying to move Cheerios with my mind so that I could open the World Gate so he and another girl he stalked could enter the dimension in which he was a wizard and they could live happily ever after, reigning over the realm. With magic. He rode his bike past my house every day at the same time.

Please tell me what to do. Thank you.