Every few weeks, I run into someone who is walking their dog off-leash. Every time, the same damn thing happens.

  • They spot my dog
  • They run up to my dog, barking
  • I have to grab this dog by its collar while trying to keep my dog under control
  • The owner saunters up, taking their sweet damn time retrieving their animal

Now, my dog is pretty good with other dogs. He'll sniff and play and vocalize. That doesn't mean he's perfect. If the other dog brings a fight to him, he'll defend his human. He's small, but make no mistake: He has a body and mind that was made for hunting and killing prey. He's not your average dopey dog.


My county has firm leash laws. Unless you are in your backyard, hunting (with a dog that is trained to hunt), at a dog park, or at an event that has been registered with the county, your dog needs to be on a leash. Period. They don't give a fuck how trained your dog is. Leashes are required. Even police dogs have to be on leashes!

I ran into a woman who had TWO dogs off-leash that obviously had no training. Their barking wasn't the fun "Hey, let's play, friend!" barking either. They were growling and snapping at my dog. Gizmo was friendly at first, but the second they got mean, he started barking to get them to back off. The woman appeared to give zero fucks, leading me to believe that she has no idea how to deal with dogs. I told her that there's a leash law in the county and she just looked baffled.

Why, people? WHY?! Why risk it?! You can be ticketed! Your dog could be attacked or hit by a car (the latter has happened twice in my subdivision in the past six months)! Why is it such a bother to put the damn dog on a leash?!