Today I decided to reorganize my dresser and makeup and jewellery. I need to optimize my space usage and I need outside opinions! This is going to be a downright challenge, for those who are up to the task ;)

This is what I'm working with:


I'll break it down a bit more, from left to right:

I have my Container of Brooches, an acrylic makeup holder I originally purchased to hold all my eyeliners but that didn't work so now it's just there.

Small pink jewellery tree, large jewellery tree with bonus hair bands.

Earring holder accordion thingie, small plate overflowing with pendants, jewellery box with the Nice Stuff.

Left drawer, filled with palettes, brushes, etc.

Right drawer filled with more necklaces and jewellery, like earrings that are post-back (versus fish hook, so I can't hang them easily), rings.

Two shelves immediately above dresser on the right, with assorted things (decorative and useful) and a row of hooks for more necklaces.

Lipsticks and eyeliners and the two containers I have for them, that need somewhere to be and possibly a better way to organize them.

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it: To organize my jewellery, makeup, a box of hair stuff that I forgot to put in the pics, and assorted sundries into a better system than I currently have. Extra challenges: Although I live close to a Target, it is a Canadian Target so common inventory can not be assumed, also I need money for bus fare (b/c OF COURSE Monday is the 1st) so purchasing new organizational items isn't in the cards HOWEVER I have an apartment full of weird and strange stuff like a junkyard so I can probably repurpose common household items to help.


In exchange, I offer this photo of our two cats lounging after a HARD DAY of being worked to the bone. THE BONE:

BONUS LEVEL: How should I display Luna Lovegood's wand???