I just ruined my kid's hair. Like really fucked it up.

This morning as he was getting ready for school, I noticed that his hair looked gapped in the front. I made him stand still in front of me and, sure enough, the little rat cut his hair last night. In the dark. In his bed.


It looked goofy. Really goofy. I evened it up as best I could before I had to take him to pre-K. This afternoon I decided I would buzz it, just a little, all over.


My husband's clippers were set, I thought, to the setting he uses to shave his head. You know, to the scalp. So I, not wanting my kid to be bald, changed the setting.


I took out a strip of hair right above his left temple. Yep, he has a bald patch in the front of his hair.

I thought it looked goofy before. Now it just looks bad.


A cute story most of us have from our childhood just turned into a traumatic event because I got clipper-happy.


Remember, kids. Only you can prevent the horrific results of a haircut gone wrong. There are barber shops for a reason.