I was supposed to take my son to the city today for this tutoring thing, which he both loves and dislikes (loves going into he city and riding the subway, loves the people in the class, hates... the idea, I guess?). Today when I picked him up he said his stomach really hurt and his head hurt as well, and after extensive questioning to make sure he wasn't faking (which he has been known to do before), I had the feeling he was totally legit. Plus, both Baby Stabby and Mr. McStabby have had some sort of flu-like thing for a week and so it seemed quite plausible that he was coming down with it. So we went home, and after a short while on the couch, he declared himself "all better" and was ready to play. Ohhhhhhh no, kid. You don't do that. I sent him up to bed to "rest." Because in my book, if you feel sick enough to miss out on the tutoring, you are too sick to rumpus and you need to stay in your bed with your books and soft toys (I'm not a monster, he had plenty of stuff in his room). The kid has been coming down every 10 minutes, asking if he can come out yet. Nope. Not yet!

ETA: He just admitted to me that he was faking. I did my best "I am so disappointed in you" speech along with serious look, but the whole time I was thinking how he takes after his mom and how awesome it is.