This interview is awesome. If you haven't heard, this (black) man on the Seahawks (not named Richard Sherman) is getting backlash for not fully participating in Media Day. It seems however that a lot of people are defending him, especially since he never does interviews and media events like that anyway. Of course it's a racialized aspect to the backlash, but instead of focusing on that*, let's all watch this awesome interview he decided to do with Deion Sanders.

I think I found a new football crush, and his name is Beast Mode.*

*I've had my fill with racial/LGBTQA/social issues for the year, and it's only January. With all the Macklemore shit, Richard Sherman, the GOP, White feminism, I need a damn break. That Amanda Palmer tweet and her subsequent obtuseness when called out just sent me over the edge.

**We can still scrap it out over Richard Sherman tho. Y'all don't want none.