I’ve been embroiled in way too much online discussions regarding the fallout of the googlebro manifesto. And now, after a second day of constant on/off Facebook discussion with my friends husband, who keeps circling back to, “but shouldn’t we at least start thinking about and starting to discuss the possibility that men and women have innate preferences and abilities” like it’s this BRAND NEW INSIGHT, even AFTER I have gone through the discussion about how much of those things that he is assuming is “innate” is socialized, and how much there evidence there is for bias.

UGH. I feel sorry for my friend. She and her husband met in a PhD program in a field that’s dominated by men and not very friendly to women. Her husband finished his PhD, my friend didn’t, because after becoming completely worn down by blatant sexism and ableism, she decided to leave the program (I should add that she is now making more money that her husband now doing the sort of stuff her husband thinks women are just naturally not interested in).

This is why I’m glad I’m single.

And I’m so DAMN sick of white men that need to constantly be right, so that they continue perpetuating and endless argument without listening to what you say. And it’s even more infuriating when the stuff we are discussing actually falls under WHAT MY PHD AND ITS VERY NARROW RANGE OF EXPERTISE COVERS and my perspective is still being dismissed because OF COURSE he assumes based on his lack of background that NO ONE’S CONSIDERED THIS STUFF even after I’ve given him a huge historical rundown.