Ever been street harassed, been the butt of a sexist joke, or been subjected to any sexist comment and thought of the best comeback hours later? The Guardian has gathered some great examples of comebacks put forth by The Everyday Sexism Project via Twitter.

Here are some highlights.

I've actually tried this one before. The harassers looked like fools.

These two show examples of how men can respond when they observe acts of sexism.

Check out this article from The Guardian and The Everyday Sexism Project's Twitter page for more!

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ETA: If any of you have some of your own clever comebacks to sexist remarks, let me know in the comments below or Tweet at my cat @bishfacebobby. I'll feature the winners below.

From collierLA:

For anything that you think the speaker might mean as "flattery," just look 'em up and down.

"Sorry I can't return the...compliment."

Optional addition: "See how nice it is to get unsolicited opinions on your appearance from random strangers?" 24 minutes ago

From pteridophyta:

I didn't even do it on purpose, but I once did the most massive fart when a guy grabbed my butt.

Sometimes people's butts are concentrating on holding farts in! Do not distract the butt!7 minutes ago

From weaselina:

Dude-"Suck my dick!"

Me-"Nah, I would rather not get pin-pricks in my gums." 12 minutes ago

From longfork:

Man flashed a group of us at a dance club. I turned to the woman drinking next to me and said:

"Look! It's like a penis, only smaller!"

She did a spit take, and he slunk off to some other part of the establishment, his tail between his legs... 20 minutes ago

From SRJay

Why is it that the same men who say women need to grow a thicker skin and a sense of humor about harassment also say "respect my feelings, bitch" when we do just that and shove their unwanted advances back in their faces? 12/09/13 12:26pm