Restaurants are going to kill me someday

If I ask if there are bell peppers in something don't just guess

Waitress: What side would you like?

Me: What's better, the green beans or coleslaw?


Waitress: The coleslaw. We make it here.

Me: Are there bell peppers in it?

Waitress: No.

Food comes. I've learned to dissect my food before eating just to make sure.

Me: What's this? (Holding out dark green fleck on fork)

Husband tastes it.

Husband: I think it's bell pepper

Husband to waitress: Is there bell pepper in this coleslaw?

Waitress: No. It comes in in a bag.

(So not homemade)

Husband: What's this then?

Waitress: Let me go check.

Waitress: That's bell pepper. Would you like something else?

Me: I'm allergic to bell pepper. I'll take the green beans.

Something similar happened with a milkshake. Luckily the nuts in the ice cream that didn't have nuts were pecans and not almonds.

Eta car conversation

Husband: I guess no one in Kentucky has allergies.

Me: That's because they kill them young.