Things you need to know before we begin. I am Latin@ and the Prophet is white. The Prophet took my Latin@ last name when we married. I speak Spanish (as a second language, not natively) and the Prophet only speaks English.

Okay. That's basically all the background you need. It might be a relevant parallel, however, to know that when I was a kid my dad got stationed in Puerto Rico because the Army assumed he spoke Spanish because of his last name (he doesn't).


So. I just got home and checked the mail. At first nothing unusual, just a junk credit card offer for the Prophet. Then there was the second item.

It's a subscription offer to dish Latino. Addressed to the Prophet. Apparently we can get a free iPad mini "cuándo [nos] suscrib[imos] a DishLATINO con el Hopper."

This is hilarious to me on a few levels. First of all, the Prophet doesn't speak Spanish, so I'd have to do all the reading of this before we signed anything anyway, negating the use of addressing it to the Prophet (we won't - can't afford dish service to begin with nor do we really want it).


Secondly, while I've never in my life received mail in Spanish on account of my last name, the Prophet just did. Like, hello. No offense, honey, but like actual Latin@ person right here and you just got the Spanish mail. I'm the tiniest bit miffed at that. At the same time, what the hell advertisers? Just because there's a Spanish last name doesn't mean that you have a Latin@ person - case in point the Prophet. Nor does sending it in Spanish help you, because if this had been addressed to my mother or father, they'd call me to tell them what it says (if they didn't throw it away right away, as they probably would).

So we have the presumption of ethnicity and language based on surname here. And when we do actually receive mail that makes such assumptions, somehow it bypasses the person with the ethnicity and language and goes to the white person. What the hell?

All I can really do is laugh, I guess, because it's too stupid to be anything but funny. The image at the top seems relevant.