One of the biggest struggles in my relationship with my husband is that he would have house guests year round and I would prefer to never have except the obligatory annual parent visits. The first month and a half that we lived together, he had 18 house guests. I haven't even had 18 in 3 years! Anyway, it turned into this huge thing where I had to set a boundary: there must be 2 weeks between house guests except under verrrrry special circumstances.

We camped with his friends this weekend. Next weekend, we are going out of town for a family event. The next weekend is Labor Day, and my parents are coming to stay with us. My parents leave Monday. He asked me if his friend's wife could stay with us on Tuesday and Wednesday night. I said yes only because they once hosted us during a stressful time for them. Anyway, he just revealed to me that his brother is coming to stay for Thursday and Friday night, and then he is taking our car and leaving for a week long camping trip on Saturday morning. Didn't tell me his brother was staying with us when he asked if his friend's wife could stay. Never put it on our google calendar. Never asked m if I needed the car that week, and I sometimes have to drive for work.

I have tried not to yell at him, but I am livid at his lack of communication. We don't have enough guests sheets and towels for that week and my husband has never washed or changed the duvet cover in the guest bedroom so I can guarantee he will act ignorant and ask me to change all the bedding.


I don't know how many times I have to have the exact same conversation with him. The other associate at my firm left and I will have shit tons of work to do until they replace him.... Dying. So irritated.

Anyway, you guys should feel free to bitch away in the comments! What bug is up your ass right now?