FML guys.

About 6 months ago my Mom read an article about eHarmony and drank their kool-aid big time. She sent me an FB message out of the blue offering to buy me a one year membership. I seriously thought she was joking because this has never been her style. I laughed it off but she doubled down and said she was serious. I declined, my brother and I had a good laugh when I told him about it and life moved on. Or so I thought . . . .

This morning the following exchange occurred:


Mom: Hi —— , mom and S——- here... I want to give you a eharmony gift certificate if you think you would be interested in trying it out. I'm using S——-'s ipad cause I in great white north message me back on this

Me: That's a nice offer but I've tried online dating before and it's not for me. Thanks for thinking of me though. How was your NYE?


Mom: Did you use eharmony?

(damn Mom, I just said no!)

Me: No, but the ads for it kind of creep me out.

(I have now said it another way: no!)

Mom: I know....the reason I even thought if it was talking to friends last night and hearing about the way they used it was really interesting... Kind of safe and protected - there is a three month certificate and it might be worth trying again with a different tool then .... But no pressure

(no pressure my ass!)

I think it's starting to occur to my Mom that there is a serious possibility that her children are never going to marry or procreate. Of course it's only me that she's leaning on and not my brother which is puzzling because my Mom is a feminist.

Guys - please make me feel better about this by sharing your tales of parents butting into parts of your life they have not expressed an interest in in the past. Or tales of them just being plain nosy. Whatever.