Let's say I (or, you) wanted to invest in a nice, entirely too expensive, designer bag. Which should I (or, would you) choose?

*** Edited to reflect my erroooooooooooorrrrr ***

Proenza PS1 // Pros: Bad ass but not obnoxiously so. Crossover option, lots-o-colors. Cons: Expensive as fuck.


Celine Luggage // Pros: Super classic. Cons: Perhaps too grown up for my sloppy ass. Would require the sale of my only born.

Mulberry Alexa // Pros: Scholastic. Crossover option. A relatively (although that's not saying much) inexpensive option. Cons: I hate bags named after people. Unless the people is me.

Balenciaga City // Pros: Old, so easier to get for a deal, I imagine. Crossover option. Cool-looking and interesting colors. Cons: Old, so not as exciting, a gazillion knock-offs. Still too much money.

Or, you know, obviously any other bag. Extra gold stars for anyone who has seen amazing "inspired" bags that are not as stiff as coolers. I tend to always buy Tano bags because they are good quality, in my price range and a lot can be worn as cross-body (can you tell I like this option??).


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