This is the next chapter in our article round up that we're sharing a few times a week for other boards. If you don't know what I'm talking about, here's the first one from Snacktastic.

If you don't care about what I'm talking about, here are some kittens for your time. Enjoy your Saturday!

Lot's of things happened since we last caught up. We checked in with some of the writers that frequent our board to see how everyone's projects were going. Something we'll do from time to time.

Snacktastic wondered whether some of us sound like old bitties when we speak of other women. Nothip debuted as our style expert. And thedjandi dished about True Blood.

Our board theme this week is summer and we had a quiz as well as pictures of an amazing haul from a bountiful summer farmers' market.

Sadly, nothip also alerted us to some rather tragic news that affects us all.

We had some awesome Midnight Movies, put together for us by Madam Puddifoot. These run Monday through Thursday, I believe. And she does a fantastic job of finding them and giving us lots of interesting information about them so please drop by for popcorn some night.

We had some Ella Fiztgerald, held a smokers anonymous meeting, and talked about some main page articles.

Clio devised this brilliant quiz to determine where your soul will dwell for eternity. With illustrations!

And we learned all about bar codes.

EasttoMidwest started a great regular feature about the best songs in certain categories. This week's was "Stories that break your heart."

Whosits continues with our World Cup updates.

And wyominghippies' Class Jams series is still going on as well as croguesberg's epic game of MASH.

We had TWO dance parties. Old School Style in addition to our regular Friday night party.

Cheerful pointed out that there is such a thing as a free lunch and also announced that she is a bully.

BadFleffers shared some of her own work. So pretty.

We talked about times we've dodged a bullet, things about ourselves that define us to others, and what our younger selves would be most proud of.

We also discussed summer candy favorites and the legal ramifications of being a jerk.

BayAreachick gave us some breaking sports coverage that was pretty damn hot. And Granddad gave us some more wonderful gifs.

Additionally, nothip was immensely helpful by letting us know the top ten posts on Backtalk, a very thoroughly researched post indeed.

This concludes your friendly neighborhood recap, we wish you a weekend full of sunshine and cupcakes.