How long have you guys worked the same job? How long have you stayed satisfied and content at that job? I finished my undergrad two years ago, and through a series of fortunate events ended up lucking into a really incredible job. It's meaningful, challenging, and (relatively) well-paid; I receive wonderful feedback and encouragement; it's exactly in my field of interest; and, after a mere two years, I'm already starting to feel antsy and bored. :/

I put it to you wiser, more worldy Jezzies—is this normal? Is it a sign that maybe I'm not in the right 'career' after all? Is it evidence of my spoiled 25-year old entitlement, and a latent expectation that everything needs to be perfectly rewarding and exciting at all times? Or is it just a natural progression that happens when a job loses its shiny newness?

Don't get me wrong, I'm immensely, immensely grateful to have this job, and I throw myself into my work with incredible enthusiasm. But I finish each day feeling like my eyes are bleeding from staring at the computer (no matter how interesting the content on the screen), and I'm starting to fantasize about doing something else. Any advice, perspectives or anecdotes would be very appreciated!

Thanks for tolerating my obnoxious privilege, and I apologize for sounding like a spoiled brat.