Last year's series was perhaps the second biggest positive surprise of the year (behind finding out, three weeks after a negative pregnancy test at a hospital that PhMom was more than a month along with Gradling 3): the commercials leading up to it made it look detestable: it seemed very much along the lines of "HUR, HUR, NERDS!!" I barely noticed it when it came on, but then it got a recommendation from Penny Arcade (yes, I know their not-being-assholes track record is less than stellar, but I generally tend to agree with their opinions on nerd-things). I watched it starting with the second episode and found myself enjoying it. The show they were promoting, and perhaps the show they tried to make, was not the show they ended up making. Rather than providing a bunch of broad stereotypical nerds for everyone to laugh at, the nerds of the show were... well, real to me. The conversations, comments, attitudes, skills, opinions, etc. were all very familiar to me from myself and people I know.

It is, of course, a cable reality competition and it comes with many of the things I hate about most reality tv: manufactured drama, idiotic hosts, and endless repetition of the rules and concepts. Also, it could be a bit more inclusive. Last season did okay with diversity: indeed, they had a black woman who was a rocket scientist or something. And they had a little bit of body diversity, although a bit too much emphasis on the "Skinny, scantily clad cosplay/gamer girl" look. I don't think there were any openly LGBT characters last season; this season at least they have one openly gay competitor. Oh, and there's a female Brony, which prompted both my wife and I to say, "Wait, can there be a female Brony?" (Not that I don't think adult women can't be a part of MLPFIM fandom, but I thought the Brony moniker only applied only to Bro-gendered people). But this contestant identifies as Brony, so I guess there can be. The More You Know!

Anyway, it looks like it will be a good season, and George Takei and Bill Nye are going to be involved, so that's pretty cool. Thoughts?