Kinja Relationships

What do they mean to you? I am reflecting on it tonight because Owl is going away for a while and Cheerful is gone for a week more and I feel really sad about it. We all started a kinja together, which has meant that we regularly talk via email usually at least a dozen or more times a day. We are very proud of our kinja and our community that we have over there (I love our BALKERS) and so it has a lot of emotional resonance. I also really think they are amazing people. I also went and saw Pistach and we hung out and she is just such an awesome friend.We talked about how much we loved Slay Belle (among others!) I've connected with so many people on here— on board and off board. It's really quite remarkable I think. I think it has to do with what someone said on one of the interviews—you end up connecting in ways that you never would. I think that happens on groupthink all the time. There are more than a few posters whose presence gives me great delight and who I do think are great and meaningful friends.

So what say you, Groupthinkers?