Good morning, GT!


I’m in the planning stages for a kitchen remod, and would love to hear what you love about your kitchens! (or hate!)

The current kitchen is somewhat of a blank slate, with obstacles: a huge wall of built-ins that are original to the house, and therefore staying; a load-bearing column in the middle of the room; zero counters or cabinets; and a centrally-placed island that contains both the sink & dishwasher (no other cabinets) on one side, and a so-high-it’s-unusable breakfast bar on the other.


So it all needs to go.

Does anyone have experience with Ikea cabinetry? I’m loving the customization options of their Sektion line, but I’m wondering how they last? I’m really digging the Bodbyn line especially:

I’m also thinking about getting an induction range. Are they worth the money? If you have one, do you love it?


Do I really need a double oven? If I get a white ceramic sink, am I going to be crying into it, wishing for stainless steel the first time I’m cooking beets or red wine spills?

I’ve read up on the pros & cons of everything I’ve mentioned, but I want real-world testimonials from people I trust...Give me all you kitchen advice!