First to get you in the mood for the time Kong Skull Island takes place its during the tail end of the Vietnam War 1973. The number three Billboard song was Killing Me Softly by Roberta Flack. She had a truly beautiful voice. The number one song was Tie A Ribbon Around The Old Oak Tree by Tony Orlando and Dawn, I hated that song.

Now are you in the 1973 mood?

It was fantastic some things were cringeworthy but fantastic. Best Kong movie since the original Kong. The 1970s and the Peter Jackson versions pale to this one.


The story was old fashioned. It was essentially an expedition that went south real fast and the journey to the rescue. Simple. Yet interesting. It was also an Ahab story where Samuel L Jackson was Ahab the military leader of the group who wanted to kill Kong because of Kong killing many of his crew.

The worst part of the movie was John Goodman he started out as an important character then it appeared once Jackson amd John C Reilly came on screen Goodman was forgotten. He had facial expressions but the character became wasted. His fate was just stupid and all his fault.

Jackson and Reilly were the two main leads.

If I was the director I would have done the first 30 minutes on Reilly’s character and the Japanese soldier surviving on the island until the men with the inhabitants. Then shift to 1973 with Goodman and gang flying to the island. The setup with Goodman was kind of dull. It was the dull predictable “how do I get funding and get a crew” scenes. Would have been better with them arriving then let them through scenes say why they are on the island.


Is it meteorologically possible for one island to be constantly circled by a storm? I do not think so.

The natives were interesting although amazing none knew English. You would think after 28 years some would know. It also apoeared Reilly’s character did not speak their language. A,though I do not recall the natives never speaking. Nor smile.

I kind of wish this was also Monster Island. I would have loved to have seen the two sisters appear to explain the island.

This would have linked it firmly in the Godzilla universe. Show.Godzilla be not just protector of the island but also more importantly of the cocoons of Mothra and Battra.

Yeah the pretty much scrapped the entire King Kong loves a human female. When Brie Larson and Hiddleson’s character were holding hand in front of Kong I wondered if he connected it with memories of his parents and that’s why he saved her besudes saving him and his friend.

Reilly and Jackson really carried the day. I am not sure why Reilly’s character is compared to Kurtz from Apocalypse Now. Kurtz went total native and would never agree with leaving. Reilly’s character seemed like a visitor and guest very willing to leave.

I emjoyed it also far more then the last US Godzilla film. That was too convoluted.


Also based on the true final scene. Out of 15 folks I was the ONLY one who stayed for the true ending. I wonder if next film or two are going to remain in the 70s with the 2 scientists, Larson and Hiddleson staying on.

Also Brie Larson is going to be Captain Marvel in 2018.