They just rub me the wrong way.

I have no problem with them offering more Mexican items. Honestly the ones near me already have most of these items. BUT the commercials are obnoxious and feel kind of racist to me.

They have been showing up on youtube videos. I tried to find a link and I couldn't.


But I did find something else.

ETA: The people took the video down so let me explain it. It look like a bad self made store commercial. It had a guy in a sombrero come out an offer a sample. Then 2 other people without sombreros offer the same white lady samples for the taste of mexico. Then all the employees came out to the tune of tequila and were dancing and some had sombreros some didn't.

Now this rubs me completely the wrong way. :/ Though it does look like it's just one stores idea of advertising.

I am all for spreading delicious food or even Mexican inspired food(looking at you taco bell) but there is a reason the frito bandito died.

So please stop pulling out the hats(sombreros) and mariachi bands when you are trying to sell Mexican things. It just feels wrong.

Any one else been seeing the commercials? Also do not go to the frito video and look at the comments. -_-