EDIT: I’ve deleted all comments on this and will continue to do so, because it defeats the purpose of this post to allow them to stay up. I don’t, however, want anyone to feel as though I’ve dismissed them SO - if you’re interested in working out any conversations we were having in those comments, you can email me at frogandtoad.kinjaATgmailDOTcom. I won’t respond until tomorrow because this has been an emotional night for all of us (largely because of me), but I will respond.

My last post was moved to my personal blog. I realize this is what I should have done in the first place - write about processing my own feelings on my personal blog and link to it, allowing people who might want to contribute the opportunity to do so without triggering others. I apologize for not doing so. I can only say in my defense that I am, indeed, very emotional about recent events. And also, I don’t actually know how to use this platform I’ve been commenting on for years.

I recognize that I have made mistakes in my approach here. I think this is the final correction needed for this to stay up and direct people to a space that I feel is needed, not trigger anymore arguing, and fade into obscurity in a few days.