My dress fitting went really well (I hope, I had to rely on Mr. Misfit for the back), so now I'm on to trying to figure out where to place the pattern pieces on this crazy print. I'm also starting to have some what-was-I-thinking crazy print anxiety, so I turn to you, GT.

This is the dress I'm making:

I wish this print was about 30% smaller. I pressed out some pleats to see what they're going to look like:

That looks OK, right?

I'm stressing over where to place the bodice front piece, it's pretty much the most important thing. I don't want a big green circle on my abdomen, or a medallion over my boob! Fortunately, the tissue paper I used to trace the pattern pieces is easy to see through, so here are some possibilities.

Layout 1:

It often happens that the first thing I try on, or the first way I try something ends up being the way to go. Note the big off center flower and the butterfly on the shoulder. I feel like getting a butterfly or one of the birds on my shoulder is something I should be striving for.

Layout 2:

Bird on shoulder, big flower off center on opposite side from the first layout. I'm worried that the pleat behind the bird's head is going to bring the bird's head back and make it look like it has a broken neck. Not cute.

Layout 3:

The butterfly is just off center in this one. I think this is also a strong contender. I like the green on the shoulder.

Layout 4:

A fail for me. A medallion under one boob, a butterfly under the other.

Layout 5:

Both birds are featured, but I dunno, seems like strange green circle placement, don't you think?


I tried and tried and tried to get the bird in the green circle on the shoulder in a pleasing way but the rest of the bodice ended up strangely empty, featuring a stem but no flowers. Do you guys have any thoughts? Should I use the print on the bodice and a solid color for the skirt? I'm strongly considering doing that, but I don't know if I can feature the full awesomeness of the fabric in just the bodice. And which color would I use for the skirt? Ideally, I would use the background color, but it's too close to white to wear to a wedding. On the flip side I'm worried about being overwhelmed by the print (I'm petite).

Be cold, hard, and honest GT fashionistas. I can take it. There are other fabrics in this wide world, as much as I love this, one has to be open to the possibility that something isn't going to work. Or that something that looks frightening can be spectacular!