Healing power of reading edition! Come tell us about who/what you read when the world’s being not so nice or you’re not feeling your best.

I wrote earlier this week about my love of Alexander McCall Smith. I often save his books for midterms and finals week—when I’m feeling tired, overextended, and grumpy about the world, just a chapter from an AMS book makes me feel more hopeful.

So, who/what is your literary therapy?

And, as usual, don’t forget to share the last book you finished, what you’re reading now, and the next book on your pile.


I just finished Eva’s Eye (thanks to Una Bear Dog and DecadentDegenerate for the recs!!). Now, I’m reading Bertie’s Guide to Life and Mothers, which I’ll finish today. And tonight, I’ll finally, finally start Station Eleven—I’m psyched!

How about y’all?