It's already been on the mainpage repeatedly, and I am going to bring some things up in regards to issues discussed there, but mostly, I want to talk about Mindy Kaling's tweet about feeling glamorous. Because I don't like the photo. Specifically, I think it looks like a Glamor Shot.

Firstly, let's get the obligatory "that photo seems problematic" out of the way. The photo was taken in color. They took the color out of a color photo of a woman of color, which had the effect of making her appear closer to the beauty standard than she is. Then they cropped the pixelated shit out of it, again to make her appear closer to the beauty standard than she is. As someone who believes that the beauty standard is bullshit, I find it problematic to do these things. These things contribute to discrimination against women who don't adhere to the beauty standard even if Mindy Kaling fails to take any issue with the photo, which she doesn't explicitly say.

But again, that's not what I'm here to talk about today. What I'm here to talk about is glamor.

My first reaction to the picture was "OMFG they did just desaturate the color in a photo of a woman of color and not the white women?" My second reaction was "her face looks nice in the picture." My third reaction was "wait, was this styled by Glamor Shots?" My fourth reaction was "Actually, it's probably good that this was in black and white because otherwise this would look like a Glamor Shot— a quality Glamor Shot, but still." Then she tweeted that the photo made her feel "glamorous" and I wondered if she was alluding to that.

I may be up too late again.


Lapels... with hands!

But she's not holding onto the lapel like a life jacket, so just hands!

So Earrings. Much Dangle. Such Sparkle. Wow.

I sincerely hope Mindy Kaling was being fucking meta and we were all too stupid and humorless to notice.


PPS In case Glamor Lemmy didn't clue you in, I think I'm being funny.

PPPS If this is actually what she meant and she set this whole thing up, I will love her so freaking much. I've never seen the show but this would be epic trolling.