Dear fellow manager, if you enjoy working with the best of our team so much that you don’t want to change the current allocation of our team...than you can’t complain about the fact that I’m not able to meet the same results. You have two exceptional people and another extremely good coworker, I have a willing coworker who gets easily distracted, one who doesn’t give a shit (and is my supervisor, yeah!) and one who is good for cashier duty but not much else. I won’t wear myself out just so that you can be comfortable.

The “funny” thing is that it’s blowing right back in her face, because obviously my shift can’t keep up, so they kind of have to work harder and then she complains about the unfairness of everything and how it exhausts her. Last time I was too stunned to really tell her the above thing, but it’s something I’ll start repeating whenever she complains again. I refuse to be her punching bag.
Well, at least today is my last shift before I’m off for a two weeks vacation, so I really hope that while I’m gone everything going wrong at the moment’ll explode, resolve itself either way and then I can come back and keep doing my job.
A girl can always dream.