Return of Queens, a website for "traditional" women.

From their "About" page:

Return of Queens is a website for the traditional, feminine, heterosexual, and loving woman. By "Queen" we don't mean "Diva". We here at ROQ believe that men should be real men, and women should be real women. No hybrids of either are welcome, especially feminists. Included in the list of excluded are trans-gender [pre AND post op], gender fluid [whatever the hell that means], gay men, lesbians, male feminists [yes they do exist], and any combination of those previously listed.

Would you like to know how I found this gem? I'll tell you anyway.

I found this lovely piece of journalism floating around Facebook today, which is an incredibly educated article discussing how women with short are are damaged and hideous beasts. Upon further inspection I found the publisher's response to said article. I felt compelled to torture myself with the comment section (DO. NOT. DO. THAT.) and found the aforementioned Return of Queens, a sister site to the MRA crazy which is Return of Kings.


You guise. YOU GUISE. I can't even words about this. Who are these people!? Exactly how many breakups does it take for a man to hate women so much? It would be amazing if it wasn't so depressing.

I feel my blood pressure rising. I need to get off the internet.